Roads Hotel

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Booking the Roads Hotel
Please note: We do not rent rooms individually. We do not operate as a hotel.

When booking the Roads Hotel you are not only going to have a fabulous time but you are also going to assist in restoring the building which is almost 130 years old.  The Roads Hotel has so much to offer you and your group when visiting.  The building is equipped with three bathrooms, two showers, eight bedrooms, a full kitchen, WIFI, and so much more. 


Please contact us at with the time of investigation (7pm-2am or 7pm-10am) and the date you would like to book (as chosen from our calendar, based on availability).  An open date on our calendar is one without an event listed.  Once a deposit of $200 is paid, we will hold the date.  The balance will be due up to four weeks before the date booked.  If the date is less than four weeks from the deposit, the balance due date will be adjusted accordingly.  

Private Daytime Investigations

Not many locations offer these, but taking a page from the infamous Ashmore Estates, we are offering a daytime investigation.  If you would like to investigate the Roads Hotel during the day we are here for you.  When you think about it the building was very busy during the day with people coming and going and pssst they still are.  A daytime investigation would start at 11am and continue until 6pm.  A private daytime investigation is $250 for up to 10 people. Over 10 people there is an additional donation of $25 per person.  

Private Investigations at night

If you want a little more excitement in your life then book a night time investigation with lights off, or on, and see what really goes bump in the night.  You will have the building basically to yourself with the exception of our guide that will stay tucked in an area out of your way. 

Bring some late night snacks or non-alcoholic beverages and store them in the fridge while there or we will have bottled water available as needed.  You will be given the opportunity to investigate from 7pm-2am for $350 for up to 10 people.  Over 10 people there is an additional donation of $40 per person.  We also offer the option to investigation from 7pm-10am for $500 for up to 10 people.  You will need your own bedding but eight rooms are available with beds.  Get up the next morning and fix yourself breakfast while waiting for your check out time.  

Public Investigations are held once per month.  See the events page for details.

Photo Shoot Opportunities 

We have been asked many times if the hotel is available for photo shoots.  Yes it is.  We are very happy to allow photographers and their models, if used, into the hotel.  The cost to do this would be the same as our daytime investigation which is $250 from 11am-6pm.  Different times are available if needed as well as longer or shorter hours.  Contact us at for additional information.  

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Upcoming Events

Friday, Jun 9 All Day
Saturday, Jun 10 All Day
Monday, Jun 12 All Day
Saturday, Jun 17 at 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
150 East Main Street, Atlanta, IN